Saturday, February 16, 2008

Leap Year = One More Day to Train

For St. Malachi, that is. This year’s race falls on Saturday, March 15, and if you haven’t already registered, do it now!

Neither my mind nor my body is ready for racing right now, but I still have a little less than one month to go. At least I have Feb. 29, my one extra day, to prepare for my first race of the season.

And that preparation officially started today: I ran for one hour at about 10:00/mile pace around my neighborhood. The run wasn't particularly fast or long, but it felt great just getting it done. What a good way to get my new schedule rolling...

It was super-sunny outside this afternoon, which made the bitter cold easier to bear. I was dressed in my typical fleece running jacket, thermal headband, and my new Mizuno running tights (I’ll obsess about these things another time), while most of the people I passed were going sans coats and one guy was wearing a sweatshirt while washing his car. promised in was 25 degrees; I believed it. You would think that being the person running that I would think it was warmer. You would think that.

Yet I was more taken aback by how creakedy my body felt as I warmed up. Sure, my running schedule has been pretty jumpy, but I haven’t had shin splints and calf cramps and general fatigue quite like I felt today.

I thought that the new running shoes I picked up this afternoon from Vertical Runner (they were a gift from my dad—thanks, pops!) would make me fly, fly, fly… but I just felt stiff and flat-footed.

My first inclination was to blame the shoes. Were they too big, too wide, too bulky? I tried different tying configurations, but I was just in denial. My new Mizuno Wave Inspire 4 (the same shoe I bought last year; new colors) are kickin’. Granted, they don’t have the magic fairy dust I needed today, but I don’t think those are race-legal anyway. Sigh.

Thirty-five minutes into the run, I hit the point at which I either a) wanted to stop and go take a nap ASAP; or b) keep running because my lactic threshold was just around the corner. For the sake of not being a wuss, I chose option b. And it worked. The latter half of the run was pretty smooth. My shoes felt like a reinvigorated version of my old Mizunos, and now my training plan in under way.

That plan: build distance every day at a healthy pace. Avoid injuries. Eye progress, but don’t force my hand (or foot). In other words, don’t be stupid (again). Perhaps I’ll follow that notion all year long.

Come Monday (or some other day next week), I should have a clue what’s wrong with me. That’s not an open invitation for speculation ;-) Following today’s run I felt fantastic for 1-2 hours; I ate dinner and I was fine; and then I ate some honeydew and wanted to cry.

Was it bad honeydew (it tasted great!)? Was it delayed digestion? Was it just runner’s stomach? Who knows.

Lucky for me, this thing seems to pass after whatever is miffing my stomach makes its way through. But I would prefer eating in peace, scarfing my cake and loving it too.

I’m fairly certain, however, that all the non-injury problems I’ve had over the past year have been the result of bad karma. For years I was one of those horrible people who bragged about how she never ever got sick. Ever. Look at me now! Have you known (and hated) a person like that? Well, now you know what happens to us. So, tell your children to brag about something else, like being tall. I’m curious about what happens to people like that.

Speaking of tall people, I hope you didn’t miss the All-Star Weekend Slam-Dunk Contest. It’s my favorite event of February. After my birthday, that is. I always like watching talented people being creative and reaching for the stars. And, in Dwight Howard’s case, pretty much touching the stars.

Sure, I’m horribly jealous of tall and incredibly able-bodied people. Some of that envy turns to inspiration. I won’t be dunking any basketballs soon, but I like when people reinforce the idea of aiming high. So, aim high, my blogger friend. Aim high.
Fly, Superman, fly!


miss petite america said...

i too am envious, and awed by the physical prowess of those taller and stronger than me. but being little does have its advantages sometimes. at least we're little women and not men. it's got to be much harder being a short guy.

you've learned a lot during your training, in terms of listening to your body. i bet this year goes muuuuch better for you!

Papa Louie said...

one extra day and little by little you'll be where you need to be with your training if you're consistent.

triguyjt said...

good job on the training...and working in those new wheels...

the nba guys are amazing athletes..
could they do a triathlon such as you have??? hummmm???

enquiring minds want to know.

the superman thing was cool as was the blowing out the candle..

TrainingtoTri said...

I hope your belly feels better soon, how frustrating!

DaisyDuc said...

Sweet I need that extra day before St. Malachi....maybe I will see ya there!