Friday, August 17, 2007

Another Morning at the Pool

OK, I’ll admit it: I’m kind of digging the early morning swims (where was this urge when I was in high school and had 5 a.m. practices?). I even tried making it earlier today—around 6:05 a.m.—but it was still packed and I started my swim in the open end of the pool.

For the first 2,000 yards, in fact, I swam around a staircase to turn at one end. And if you thought my spotting job in the tri was bad, you don’t want to know where I ended up when I was swimming backstroke.

I extended my distance, nevertheless, to this 4,400-yard workout:
  • 800 yards free warm-up
  • 4 x 100 yards free sprints on 2:00
  • 3 x 800 yards
    - 1 x 800 yards IM
    - 1 x 800 yards free
    - 1 x 800 yards alt. one-arm fly and free
  • 12 x 50 yards alt. free and IM order
  • 200 yards free cool down

To my surprise, doubling my pool frequency and increasing my weekly yardage eightfold has energized me. Hard swimming used to make me drowsy. I’d like to think that I have some magical will power or sense of motivation, but I think I’m still riding high on tri-fever. And I’d like to finish first in my age group for swimming next time, not second (or perhaps I should focus on not finishing last in cycling instead)!

Check with me in two weeks when I can’t stop napping ;-)

The only unfortunate thing with increasing yardage on morning swims is that I'm butting up against time constraints again. That's the reason I started swimming in the morning (my lunch hour only permitted around 1,500 yards) in the first place! My past two swims have been around 1.25 hours. Sigh. If only I could work training into my job responsibilities.


Creative Pup said...

What time do you go to bed in order to get up so early with so much energy to swim or run or bike to work?

Do you get 8 hours of rest?

Do you think it's because your body is now craving that chemical that's released during exercise that that is what's motivating you?

So then is it really true that exercise long-term ends up giving you more energy? Because all the training I've done is only making me tired, sleepy, and exhausted. And I"m not nearly doing a 1/4 of what you are doing.

I don't run either I walk on a tread mill.

Just curious on your thoughts.