Friday, September 14, 2007

Saturday Goals Update!

While I’ve been really laid back about Saturday’s race (despite that whole wig-out-about-the-weather thing I had going), I have been thinking about goals for the race. Because I’m still a little shaky about what to expect from my tri performances, my goals are loosely set as follows:
  • 250-yard swim: 5:00
  • 7-mile bike: 33:00
  • 2-mile run: 18:00

And that should get me in a couple minutes under 1:00:00, which is truly my goal in this race.

I took a walk through the course on Thursday night with a group of women I’m interviewing for a story about the race. The running path seemed a little narrow, uneven and potentially dangerous in a twist-my-ankle-in-a-deep-whole kind of way. But typing it out might remind me that I have to keep an eye open for the divots.

My fingers are just crossed that I actually remember how to ride a bike. Ah, some things I do make complete sense. Other things (i.e., still neglecting to even remove my bike from the trunk since GCT): not so much. Instead, I’ve signed up for spinning classes over the winter. Next year, I’ll totally rock the bike. Or, you know, not finish last.

But for now I’m off to prep: I need to get my hands on some pre-race food and a container for feet washing—my T1 at GCT was 3:50 because I had to meticulously remove each grain of sand from my feet. Perhaps a quick foot bath might cut that down a few. That way I can have a few more minutes on the bike!


Nevenka said...

Hi Jinxy,

You are the best. I love you. Mama.