Sunday, July 6, 2008

What Ever Happened to the Good Ol’ Foregone Conclusion?

Finally: part of a day I can have to myself. Between the current load at work, the new house and, well, the new bike, I just haven’t found a moment for some important things. Like blogging.

Nadal and FedererToday I thought I’d take an hour or two after morning yoga to watch Wimbledon and then get things like more work-work and housework done. But here I am, 4-5 hours later, still waiting for Roger and Rafael to work this thing out.

On the plus side of being occupied these past couple weeks, I neared 40 miles last week (I ran 36 miles between Tuesday and Saturday, but then biked nearly 40 miles with JG around Cleveland on Sunday… it rained shortly after we finished riding, so I never made it to those final four) and was scheduled to close out 40 this week with a weekend 20-miler, but, alas, calf soreness and Wimbledon. They get me every time.

This road bike phenomenon is phenomenal. I rode the bike-without-a-name 40 miles last Sunday, and it felt like nothing. In fact, it was almost easier than driving. And when I pedaled to work last week, the only real obstacle was the straight-into-the-sky hill out of Little Italy that posed a challenge (I would surely had to stop and walk on my hybrid), but mostly because the Corbo’s cookies and Presti’s napoleons were at the bottom. Shucks!

What’s more is that the 25 miles I rode that day weren’t enough! I hopped off my bike, already dressed for the road, and added five miles to my week’s low total.

Although last Saturday, before the long ride I ran my first 18-miler around Euclid on what started out as a gloomy morning and blossomed into a sunny day. It took me about three hours to run the miles, not including a bathroom and water pit stop at home at mile 10, and add another set of stripes to my summer runner’s tan.

Following the personal long, I was optimistic about this week’s hope for 40. But alas: six on Tuesday, five on Wednesday and then nine on Saturday… all that Fourth of July food must have tackled me too far down! I was happy on Saturday, though, that suddenly nine miles just isn’t a great distance to me anymore.

Sure, I didn’t hit 40 miles, but I felt a great sense of progress in my running life. Nine miles isn’t my distance day? Awesome. Maybe next week I’ll pull the big 20. But for now I want to go play. Roger has bowed down to Raf, and now I have only a few hours before Dara Torres tears it up (again) in the pool. Perhaps that will be enough to get me into one. Now, where’s my tennis racquet?


kelsalynn said...

Wow, you're doing great with all those miles! Great job!

And although it was long, aren't you glad you watched that tennis match? It was CRAZY!!!! Such an intense game!

triguyjt said...

best tennis match i have ever seen......4th set...rafael had roger but he wiggled free and found new life..then fifth set, i thought roger would prevail, but you gotta prop nadal....that was really humbly raffy acted in winning and how classy roger acted in losing... and to see mcenroe interview those guys was cool too.....

you are a running machine..awesome....i have probably driven, or ridden past you getting those euclid miles in... I like to run up to euclid creek...i wish there were more trails to run on there, but as you can't beat north chagrin....
have a good one.

Dana said...

Glad to see that you're still tearing up the roads(by bike & foot). And your mileage is nothing to sneeze at! Way to go!

miss petite america said...

nadal has a great @ss. tennis just became interesting.

TrainingtoTri said...

sexxxyyy mmannn