Sunday, September 14, 2008

Run, Cupcake, Run!

Saturday’s 14 out of 26-mile run wasn’t all for naught: I ran the remaining miles in Hudson on Sunday on the first annual cupcake run.

Run Cupcake RunWe had a perfect turnout and tour of the town, which started at Heinen’s, winded through some newer McMansion neighborhoods, skidded through traffic where sidewalks ended, climbed some hills and dashed through Western Reserve Academy before landing at Main Street Cupcakes, where I think we all picked up at least a dozen cupcakes a piece.

Boy, did we deserve it!

The weather was worlds better than Saturday’s 2.5 hours in the rain (my armband and shoes are still soaked), even if it was a little warm. You’ll be pleased to know I finally took my own advice, toting water for the run, unlike the 20+ routes that failed before it.

It was the first time I lead the way on fairly unfamiliar territory (I used to run around Hudson when I lived in Stow, but not enough to have a real sense of where on earth I was at any given time), and I’m glad no one expressed too much displeasure at always ending up at Aurora Rd or crossing streets like the bad jaywalker I am.

Monica and I dreamed up the idea (amidst a conversation, I believe, about earning our delicious treats) a few months ago, and I’m glad we were finally able to be a couple of running cupcakes. Our friends came from as far as Rochester and Columbus to celebrate the deliciousness. And I picked up enough treats to freeze and enjoy until I find my way south again for another sugary adventure.

Perhaps after Akron?

Speaking of Akron, I talked marathon with Landon, who has always been my great source of knowledge. My goal for the marathon, as I mentioned, is pretty much any time with a “4” in front of it. Finishing is really key. But I thought that since E*Speed is pacing the 3:50 group, I might try to keep pace with her. Until I died off.

What I realized today, though: above all else I don’t want to just die off. I want to run a strong, consistent pace. I want to enjoy the marathon experience. And I don’t want to sputter out as the halfers split from the rest of us (or have to convince myself not to take that turn!).

Extra 20-miler or not, I’m done with distance training and will start my taper this week. I can’t explain how much I’ve looked forward to the next two weeks, particularly after missing my taper with an injury last year. While I have a quad/thigh/knee to heal in the next 13 days, I’m still running A-OK on it.

Although I might be finding my way to a masseuse soon. But that’s just a treat for myself. Now that I’ve checked cupcakes off my list.

(Congrats to Sarah from Main Street Cupcakes, by the way, who raced her first triathlon a couple weekends ago. She rocked the Akron Women's Tri, which I hope she'll revisit next when I make my way back.)


E-Speed said...

As much as I would love to have you in my crew if you want to run a smart race and get 3:59 your best bet would be to run with the 4 hour group and stick to them like glue until the last few miles.

Going out at 3:50 wouldn't be smart unless you are in shape for 3:50. :) But if you are I'll keep you honest!

GP said...

Breaking four isn't high on my priority list. But when I was first thinking about pace, 3:50 seemed doable. It just worked out so well that it was your group! I'm not going to focus on time this time around. As my first race, it will be a PR whatever I do (so long as it crosses the finish!).

TrainingtoTri said...

Yeah it was a fun run! I'm glad it came together. Wish the baby had been more into running 11 miles, but oh well I got 8 in. I'm good with that. The cupcakes were a big hit at the inlaws, so I have none to freeze!

Sarah said...

Cupcake run? mmmmmm....sounds delish!

DaisyDuc said...

Now if that doesn't sound like a good concept run, I don't know what does!

Enjoy your taper and best of luck with your strong nice consistent Akron!