Wednesday, June 6, 2007

One Last Spring Fling

Let’s see a show of hands: who in NEOhio is ready for this spring weather to depart?

These past few days of wholly appropriate spring weather will make way for the sweltering stuff again. Starting tomorrow. But to take advantage of these last few moments of pleasant coolness (how spoiled am I?), I ran 5.53 miles at lunch today.

I warmed up with my regular one-mile jog to the rec. center to drop off my stuff before my run, but I picked up some shin splints along the way. I’m considering picking up a locker at the rec. center so I don’t have to carry a bag over each day. Protective of my stuff (and thrown off by the weight—however light it is), I think I jog a little stiff.

So, it took about two and a half or three miles for me to warm up. And it probably didn’t help that I was wearing my knee brace for the first time in a while. Why, you ask? Well, just as I was getting back from my big spill (which happened right when my knees started feeling just peachy), I stood up in my office and twisted my knee.

Seriously, I must have given up all of my good karma on Cavaliers games (yes, yes, I’ll be donating the rest of it for the finals) because I’ve been an unbelievable klutz lately. Have you ever heard anyone with less grace?

I was walking out of my office when I felt my knee tweak, so I was leaning against my doorway shaking it out… right when our AVP walks by wondering what was up. And then, of course, he started singing the “hokey pokey.”

It didn’t hold me back too much on my run, and I’m happy to report that I’m 66.4 miles into my 100-mile goal with 13 days to go!

Although I didn’t have the proper atmosphere for doing the Namaste Yoga for distance runners today, I’m going to get to it tomorrow. And barring any car alarms triggering at 2:45 a.m. for seven loud, loud minutes, I might even have time in the morning. For several weeks, I’ve been waking up at 6:30 a.m. and just tossing for 30 minutes. Perhaps I can just use that time for something yogi.


Papa Louie said...

Ah, the weather's great! I am planning my 5 mile run in the heat of the day just to get the feel of suffering in the heat.
Take good care of your legs by soaking them in straight cold water in the tub after your workouts. It helps to relieve soreness.

Joe said...

> I must have given up all of
> my good karma on Cavaliers games

If the Cavs win it all, it will be worth it! Keep hurting yourself for two more weeks! :-)

Jim said...

Heat ain't sweet, for sure. Weatherman calling for "mid-to UPPER 90s today down here!" OMG. So glad I got my long run in yesterday when it was "only" 92. If the mid-to uppers continue for long I'll definitley head inside for eliptical work instead. Boring, yes, but AIR CONDITIONED!