Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Quick Update: On the Mend

Well, I made it to work on Tuesday and crawled around like a 97-year-old woman (no offense to 97-year-old women). I sat and rested for most of Monday and Tuesday antsy with the fear of losing my running shape and my general will to live.

But then Diana gave me Aleve and things started looking up. I'm always reluctant to take any kind of medication, but desperate times, man! Now there's no more shooting pain when I put pressure on my left leg, and I don't have to drag against the wall as I walk down the hall at work! My hope is that by the end of Wednesday the pitied looks (and even more of the 'that's what you get for exercising' glares) will fade away and that I will be able to try swimming over lunch.

What a bummer that every time I get on a running roll some obstacle jumps in the way? Fortunately, that obstacle tends to be me... and that's one thing I can control. (Well, most of the time.) I'm going to give my running self until Friday to rest before I test out a light jog. My fingers are crossed.


Jim said...

My fingers are crossed too, G. Hope you're back to snuff soon.

Joe said...

I hate those "that's what you get for exercising" glares! I hope you feel better soon so you can give them back a "that's what you get for NOT exercising" glare.