Friday, February 15, 2008

Jim Asked; Blame Him

Why, Jim has asked, am I wearing a squirrel costume in my Flickr photo collection? Good question.

Most of you know I started a new job with a university in Cleveland last month (hence all the traffic-complaining). And when I left my last job, I pretty much enjoyed my last day.

Long story short: our office ran a viral marketing campaign that involved a squirrel-guised comedian, and they left the costume in the office on my last day.

At first I just put on the head and gloves, but it’s hard not to put on the full costume when you have the opportunity to dress like a squirrel on your last day. So, I put on the whole get-up and ran around the office, scaring people and knocking things off their desks with my big squirrelly tail. I figured that I had spent three years being as professional as I could muster, and it was time to… go nuts?

Thankfully, my photo-friend JG documented the occasion in true pop-star studio shoot fashion. People were watching; music was blaring; wind machines were blowing. If nothing else, I have newfound respect for mascots. My face wasn’t even covered, and the tasks of squirreling around, packing my office and posing for studio photos was exhausting. When BC unzipped the costume he said he could feel the heat whoosh out. Move over Paris; that’s hot.

There were plenty more photos, but JG seems to be withholding for some reason. I’d really like to see my emotional squirrel photos, which should include snaps of Angry Squirrel, Elated Squirrel and Vogue Squirrel. But you can enjoy these shots for now…

Showing off my glorious tailJazz hands squirrelTada! I made it through my last day!

Not much to report from the land of Valentine’s Day. I took the whole day off any real fitness activities and, while the non-religious pope granted me a cupcake dispensation for the cupcake-necessary holiday, took a swell nap after work.

For the past several weeks I’ve had some strange digestive disorder, which has made eating solid food a painful task. And now a whole slew of things seems to be going wrong. I went to the doctor on Monday and need more tests to get to the root. As if the weather, commute and laziness weren’t hampering enough. I guess weighing my butt down with cupcake weight didn’t help. Well, maybe it does. Somehow!


DaisyDuc said...

Girl you make one cute squirrel! What an awesome way to go out!

B Bop said...

Indeed, university circle (well, pretty much the whole east side) is NOT car friendly. You can probably use the rec center @ CWRU, no?

Good luck figuring out your health issues. I finally started training again after about 3 weeks off as my upper respiratory system was under heavy attack. No fun.

Patricio said...

Good stuff and great pics :)
Congrtas on the new job too!

Charlie said...

That reminds me of the Book "Where the Wild Things Are".
I think that was the costume Max wore.
You wear it well.

The 311 Boys Mom said...

about the stomache issues, try Active (everyother day) or YO-Digestive.

It helped me. I had colonoscopy, lots of blood work, all kinds of tests for months.

I took their meds. it helped, then got worse.

So I stopped, did the yogurt thing (they have cheese too) & in a week I was 85% better. its been a few months & I'm like 98% (until I wrote that, now I'll relapse into hirrible terrible no good stomache problems, but I can fix it now! lol

cute get up, btw (squirl)

statekate said...

You make an adorable black squirrel. I'm still terrified of them as I walk across campus and they leap out of the trees at me. I wish you the best at the new job : )