Monday, March 31, 2008

Downside of a Nice Day

After a great weekend for running, I knew that today had to be a rest day. Particularly if I intend on buddy running on Tuesday and Wednesday.

But what a day to miss! This morning was the first pleasant walk I’ve had from my garage to work—not only was the sun almost out, the wind wasn’t chappy and the air smelled like spring. I’m pumped about how this walk will feel in the summer.

On the way home, I drove with the windows down and itched with jealousy at all the runners I saw on the streets. Good news is that the rest of the week—short of some chances of showers—looks quite agreeable. It was opening day for the Indians, so I kicked up my feet and ate dinner with high blood pressure as the team pulled out another close one.

I wondered whether Cleveland fans have, on average, higher blood pressure than other sports fans. Can other teams possibly be in high-stress situations on such a regular basis?

But I didn’t relax for too long. After dinner, I made… attempted to make a vanilla chai smoothie. My blender, however, had other plans. I poured in the chai tea, ice and vanilla probiotic drink; the chai, ice, drink poured out. The bottom. You’d think I would have stopped there, but no. I tightened the bottom and blended.

Clean freaks beware. This story gets dirty.

The blender exploded! Not only did the blade bust off and glass pitcher break, my would-be smoothie sprayed everywhere. It came out the top, the bottom, the sides. Ugh. My rest night unraveled into a night of scrubbing.

What’s even worse: I tried to make a vanilla chai probiotic drink by hand, and it turns out you can’t mix anything with Danactiv. It tastes kind of gross by itself; it tastes pretty bad with anything else. I’ll still drink it periodically for my stomach health, but I’ll nix my probiotic smoothie shop idea.

With the blender catastrophe behind me, I did some aerobic exercise and then settled in with my computer. It was a pleasant surprise to get an email from an old bud Lisa, who worked with me at Kent State before heading to NC.

She was driving home from work today and listening to NPR when she heard (gulp) a letter I wrote. The note didn’t exactly come across as I intended (it never does) and they cut it short (they always do), so my one shining moment wasn’t all I thought it would be (it never is).


And I found myself gasping like Tom Hanks in You’ve Got Mail: “Well, that’s not all I said…” Oh well.


TrainingtoTri said...

oh man that sounds messy! At least you got it cleaned up without cutting yourself! See you Wed.

The Salty One said...

Oh my goodness!! I hope that happened in the old house :)

And dish about this letter to NPR. I am so intrigued!

Dana said...

Right now I am in taper madness so I hear ya on the jealousy looking at the other runners.

What a mess to clean up when you looking forward to a relaxing night. Guess someone is going shopping for a blender.

"You've Got Mail" is one of my all time fave movies. And the media taken someone's comments out of context? Never...;-)

Neil said...

Note to Neil:
Buy G new blender...

Man, you go away for 3 days...

Running on Something said...

ha! i love when things explode in the kitchen. maybe it's b/c when I was a kid - I got in trouble for that kind of stuff - now when it's your place - I don't know - it's funny - i had a run in with an exploding bottle of red gatorade the other day -- you would be amazed at how far gatorade can fly!!

kelsalynn said...

You are too funny...I can't believe you still tried to blend it even after something was obviously wrong. You were just bound and determined to make your shake weren't you? Hey, look at the bright side, I bet a part of the wall got washed that wouldn't have been cleaned otherwise!!! LOL!


triguyjt said...

gheesh..i am glad you didn't get some kinda blender injury or something....

more on this letter to npr...enquiring minds want to know.