Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Heart Mudpies!

Dunk everyday the LBJ wayYou probably know that I have a little bit of LeBron envy. He and I started our careers at the same time, and I’ve been trying to keep pace. (While I’m not the LBJ of Web design, I’m totally working on it.)

Imagine my shock, then, when DeShawn Stevenson called the King of Cleveland “overrated” last week—shortly before the Wizards fell to the Cavs in Game 1 of the playoffs. Sucker!

LBJ didn’t pout about it or come to the court with a bad attitude. LBJ brought his game with 32 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists. So, let that be a lesson to you: when people try to bash your chi with insults, mudslinging or negativity, bring your LBJ game. And dunk on them. Whether you’re an accountant, network administrator, waiter or artist, live your day the LBJ way.

I didn’t have any negativity thrown my way, but I did feel totally LBJ today. A special thanks to JenC for inviting me out with her girls for a trail run at North Chagrin. Talk about Awesome (that’s with a capital A)!

There were trees and hills, roots and mud, bridges and creeks, sticks and ravines. Between the conversation, scenery and sloshing mud, the time flew and I had a super swell time. I talked Jen’s ear off, learned about different races and totally dug hanging out with some hip, athletic chicas!

GP and Jen CWe ran for my season-long time 1:56:00 and about ten miles. Woo hoo! Jen & co. had a major brick workout on Saturday, so I appreciated them accommodating my way-too-eager-to-trail-run energy at the outset. But I think we all know I have a problem with pacing and I eventually came to a reasonable pace.

Running with a group definitely gives me a better sense of how fast we’re moving, and someday (someday!) I’ll be able to pace my runs with purpose. At least a purpose that doesn’t consist of “run until your sputter out and then adjust accordingly.”

It was my first time running on trails and, to be honest, my first non-race run in mud and some drizzle. And I’ve learned that there’s no better thing to do in the rain than run in the mud! There’s something energizing about hopping over mud and dodging roots in the woods. It was a top-notch workout and I walked away feeling just swell.

Our post-run meal got me thinking: how does your appetite react to your workouts?

If I take a long run, I crave light foods like fruits and veggies for the first couple hours and then need, need, need my protein and carbs, carbs, carbs two to three hours later. Yet when I swim, I’m pretty famished right away. In fact, I’d probably eat a bowl of spaghetti poolside if I could. If I ever swam anymore, that is.

Holy cocoa mole!For lunch I had granola, yogurt and fresh fruit; for dinner I had half a big homemade pizza with half olive oil, half Little Italy marinara, garlic and cheese. I also scarfed a Larabar Cocoa Mole, which is an all natural food bar that combines dates, almonds, unsweetened cocoa, cinnamon and chili. Way different taste, plenty of vitamins, just enough carbs and protein.

My morning run, however, was fueled almost exclusively by three packs of GU (chocolate outrage, vanilla bean and orange burst) that I picked up when I was at Eddy’s Bike Shop looking at—you guessed it!—bicycles. I checked out a number of rides, including road bike models from Trek, Cannondale, Giant, Felt and Specialized, and fell for an orange Felt FW40.

Because I’m still a fledgling triathlete, I stuck with the more versatile and more cost-effective road bikes as opposed to tri-bikes this round. It was neat looking at the tri-bike frames; it was not neat looking at the price tags on those frames.

While I didn’t make the purchase (yet), the test ride and measurements (I'm way short but I have longer-for-a-short-girl legs, so I need a 47-inch frame with a low seat) helped me reclaim my desire to keep tri-training. Because of my hybrid-inflicted disenchantment with cycling, I had nearly convinced myself to nix triathlons this year and focus on the Akron Marathon. But when I pushed off on a couple of test rides, I felt the way bikes are supposed to move. I took hills and dales like it was nothing.

Felt FW40So much for all the hard-work pedaling on my hybrid!

I knew well that my bike was a disadvantage in my racing, but it didn’t make sense to me to invest even in a low-end road bike before I knew whether I’d stick with the sport. I’ve put out my feelers to learn more about the Felt FW40, and might make a decision this week. I’m also checking out the trainers—an accessory that should benefit a weather-wimp like me when it comes to cycle-training.

We’re not moving until the end of May, but I’m spending the night at our Euclid house again. It will be nice to get a full night’s sleep without the excessive commute. I’ve recently cut out my 5 a.m. cross-training in favor of more sleep (I was averaging 5-6 hours each night and it was catching up to me), and I’m looking forward to getting in all of my training—marathon, triathlon, cross and home-owning—some day soon.

UPDATE: Within hours of my post, a family put a deposit on Benjie at the Euclid Animal Shelter and he will likely go home, upon family approval, somewhere happy and healthy next week. He had been at the shelter for close to a month, but they don't off with the animals. I contacted the shelter to offer up a foster home if times got desperate (which we all know would mean I'd end up adopting him!). Thanks to the people who responded and sought more info on him. I hope your warm and happy home welcomes a pooch soon.

Marathon Training Week 2: 27.5 miles


Charlie said...

Lara bars and North chagrin sound like a perfect Sunday.
I am glad you had a swell time.

JenC said...

LBJ is a class act. When the fight happened, he just stayed cool, calm and out of it even when they were abusing him with no foul calls.

It was great running with you yesterday! You are welcome to join us anytime! As you now know, my food craving post-run is anything but small or healthy. : )

TrainingtoTri said...

Ahhh you should just go ahead and get a dog :) And get the bike too while you're at it! You need them both. Looking forward to bike rides and dog walk together this summer :)

Anonymous said...

After long runs and hard workouts, I'm a man in desperate need of simple sugars, carbs, and easily digestable proteins. And I eat *a lot* of them--like sometimes 1000 calorie meal.

After easy days, a good piece of fruit and PBJ usually does the trick.

Of course, this is why I'm a large for a distance dude at 160...

The Salty One said...

Isn't North Chagrin the best. I love it there. I practically live there. Sigh.

And isn't it great to run with buddies. I swear my running buddies are the best thing that ever happened to my running. It makes it so much more fun to have lots of people to share it with. Speaking of which (shoot me an e-mail--you can use the link on my profile--and let's make a date!)

As for food cravings--about 15-30 minutes after a long run it's Bob Evan's (or Yours Truly) time. I usually get a turkey and spinach omelette with a pancake instead of toast. Mmm. Actually, not mmm right now, but it was mmm back then :)

triguyjt said...

after a long run, I adopt a seafood diet,.
I see food, I eat it.

actually, it usually comes down to pasta, pasta, pasta..

but seriously..its cool that your post may have prompted someone to save the dog..thats nice....

Dana said...

I'm so glad he's going to a good home!

I'm the same way that I crave something light right after a long run & then carbs & protein later. Also I feel like I could eat the pool tile after a swim! Whenever I do have morning runs(which is not often whenever I'm off during the week) I don't eat anything before my run(regardless of the distance). Just upsets my tummy too much. So all I have is water on the run & then eat after.