Wednesday, June 18, 2008

An Exercise in Stitching

Isn’t this mild NEOhio weather fantastic? I want to appreciate every easy-to-breathe breath of cool autumn-like air. And get in my miles before I have any reason to complain. At all.

StitchingI stayed up a bit too late last night watching the NBA’s forgone conclusion (feeling ever so grateful for David Tyree’s dexterous helmet), so another morning run didn’t make it into the books. But on the calendar was some speed work.

For the past several weeks, when I’ve done speed work, it’s left a bit to be desired. Racing sets of 800-1000m can be fun, but I’ve appreciated the effects of slightly longer speedy spurts more.

When I run 1600m sets, for instance, I feel the lactic burn, push past it and feel my threshold extend with each rep. Half and ¾-milers just don’t do the trick anymore.

So, today I had intended on running three 1600m in lieu of six 800m at 5K pace, but even that was modified. I had too much on my mind, so I took off down the street at a decent clip despite running a little cold.

Heading west for the first mile, I missed my first 1600m marker and just pressed on to the next. What’s speed worth if it can’t last, right? I hit two miles at 16:10 (8:05/mile) and quickly hit a stitch as well.

I tried to walk off the stitch, but it just wouldn’t shake. First it was on my right side, then it jumped to the left. So, I ran two more miles around 9:00/mile, practicing running with a stitch and a smile.

After dinner, Neil and I went out for another evening walk to take in the breeze, watch the sun set and listen to the waves crash on the shore. One of our neighbors was outside playing the bag pipes, while we ran into the Gibbonses walking their Bella and later hung out with their cat, Bud (he’s kind of a dog too). But I could have run all night.


TrainingtoTri said...

oh man you totally need a dog to walk with you! I have a few if you need one :) Have you seen Ringo!!!

Dana said...

Too bad we can't bottle this cool weather & break it out later in the summer when we're going to melting on the sidewalk.