Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back at it, again…

If I had a nickel for every time I said that.

It probably wouldn’t afford a tank of gas, but I don’t drive that much anymore. So, maybe I would just buy a cupcake.

My nutritional sense is coming back to me, however, along with my scattered brain and training mindset.

I managed not to binge on desserts at all this week (it’s only Tuesday) and finally reached day #1 of my restarted marathon-training plan.

But first: the lead-up.

The hardest part about this move has been controlling my unbridled desire to run when I get home from work. (OK, it's not exactly a bad problem to have.) Not only am I saving at least ten hours in the car, I totally get home with ten times the energy I had driving out to Stow. And now I have all this time! It’s incredible.

We’re still not unpacked, so I’ve been doing much of my cross-training by lifting and moving boxes all the livelong day to find clothes, shoes, kitchen stuff, vases, spoons and the DVR. It’s all worth it, though: did I mention the killer new commute?

Once I get my hands on my Felt FW40, I’m going to try to incorporate a bike ride to work every once in a while, and many bike rides after work in preparation for the tris I’ve scheduled this summer.

The Greater Cleveland Triathlon, where I’ll attempt my first international distance, is almost two months away. And we don’t want another [lack of] bike showing like last year. They might just close the course on me!

So, last week was pre-training week. I tried to tone down the sugar-rush eating and get in some miles before the real stuff begins. It was so easy to come home, run 3-6 miles after work, have dinner and hang out until bed (I forgot to mention, I get more sleep now too!).

And it was even easier to meet Monica and Ilana at Shaker Lakes on Sunday morning for an 8-miler in the Heights. I felt really smooth and fluid the whole run, which worked well on my confidence (it’s been a little shaky during my 2-week move-related training hiatus… I always think I’ll forget how to run), even if my stride is never quite fluid or smooth. Talking and trotting with the girls, however, made the time fly!

We ran 8 miles at about 10:20/mile across varying terrain, which I think might be part of a race on my to-be-considered list this Sunday: the Sunbeam 4-miler at Horseshoe Lake. But what’s more important is that Monica will race her first triathlon next week (a sprint) in preparation for her big HIM in August. Go, Monica!

What surprised me most about Sunday was that I ran pretty well and didn’t tire even though I woke up with some seriously sore legs from one kitchen paint job the previous night.

I gave myself Monday off—it was supposed to be a cross-training day—to rest and to have a Caribbean carnaval in my kitchen. And today it all began. Again.

My rejuvenated marathon training started with some “speed” work, which, again, I take pretty lightly. I mean, I’m really not going anywhere fast. Even if I’m in the car.

Instead of 5 x 1000m at 5K pace, I ran five sets of 1030-1080 meters, which was easier for me to measure out up and down my blocks. And the pace stayed pretty close to my target 5K times (they were 5:04, 5:03, 4:53, 4:52 and 5:10), interspersed with 2-3 minute recovery jogs that sometimes became strolls. My pace ranged from 7:39-7:55/mile. Not bad.

If you’re looking at my splits, you might think I was pooped for the fifth rep, but I really wasn’t. Perhaps I was giving myself too much recovery time. I felt swell going into the last stretch… until it began to pour as I kicked off into number 5. Luckily I was soaked about one minute in because I had to run right past my street to finish the distance. I was a block away from home when I was done, so I trotted home to cool down. And, apparently, to shower.

I don’t fear the rain as much as my pre-half self. Sure, it’s inconvenient and the downpour can slow you down. Most of it, though, is just state of mind. And I’ve had a good one of those lately. I just need to get that good mind into the pool... or, better yet, the lake. August will be here before I admit it.


Sarah said...

You said cupcake and now I can't even read the rest of your post because I'm blinded by yumminess.

I feel like I'm saying 'Back at it' every time I post some days. But that's all that matters - each workout is a win!

I would like to run as fast as you please.

triguyjt said...

Isn't it so nice to hop in the car and be home in a flash andhave all that time... I have never had a commute longer than 13 minutes...
in one place years ago, I had all over 3 and a half minute commute...
the beauty of euclid is you can get away from things real fast or you can get to things real fast...works both ways...
sorry I missed you guys running on Sunday..
darn..now all I can think of are cupcakes..ha

CJ said...

Congrats on the move! That's awesome you have so much more time now, and just in time for summer!

TrainingtoTri said...

Great to run with you! Glad to have another running buddy on my side of town. Good luck repainting the kitchen.

Also----you do know there is a cupcake shop at la place in beachwood right :)

Dana said...

Dang girl,you're FAST! Glad to see that got over your fear of running in the rain. Trust me in the summer,it can be a godsend.