Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Week One in the North

It’s warm-up week here in Euclid, and I’m digging in and holding out for the weekend to really get settled. So, I’m just free-running this week and trying to return to some semblance of my former healthy diet.

It’s hard to believe now, 1.5 weeks later, that I made it three months without dessert. You wouldn’t know it from the sugar in my body. In fact, I may have developed an extra sugar bag near my intestines. Where else could it all be processed and held?

But I merely sacrificed an apple and some dried mango for my sweet tooth today—shortly after my first new-house run. I wound for 30 minutes through what E-Speed calls “the comb” and then ran to the Cleveland border and back for a full hour and a little more than 6 miles.

It was a cool day and a pleasant evening for a run, and now I’m totally convinced that getting acclimated to summer weather is going to be one of those tough, one-day smacks in the face that happens one morning when I’m forced to race, race, race!

Don’t get me wrong: weather this year has been tops for running. In my book, at least. A few hot days here and there, a rainy half mary… I’d rather take the gloom and chills over heat and dehydration.

I’ll take whatever comes my way these days, however. While I’m still at a loss for my stuff (after the move), I’m still glowing from the commute improvement.

Even after missing my turn—you get used to a route home, and when you’re going the opposite direction, it takes some practice!—and plugging through some slow-moving MLK traffic, I still made it home in 30 minutes. Beeee-autiful!

I pulled into my driveway energized and ready to run. So, I did.


TrainingtoTri said...

Sweet! Short commute! Sounds like a great run. See you Sunday.

E-Speed said...

welcome to the hood! If you are ever up for an early morning run just let me know!

Dana said...

Nice to hear your getting used to running in your new hood. I'm like that I am DEFINITELY not looking forward to running in the upcoming summer months..Bring on the extra sweat,heat blisters & having to glug more water on the run!

triguyjt said...

welcome to euclid....

my commute is 13 minutes... love it....