Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Cleveland Half Wheezies

My calves and I are itching for a recovery run!

So, then, why have I let two days pass? Well, I have the Cleveland Half Marathon wheezies.

Part way through Sunday’s race, I started feeling a little chest-wheezy, and I teetered on the brink of something all day Monday. Am I getting sick?

I’ve heard that a few other people had similar symptoms, so I thought I’d share the gross details as a kind of PSA.

It was almost impossible to breathe deeply on Sunday and Monday, and I felt just plain beat, a little achy (more sick achy than post-race achy) and just almost, almost, almost stuffy. This must be some kind of running pneumonia, eh?

I came home after work on Monday, made some chicken and brown rice soup, slurped it down and napped away until How I Met Your Mother. Then I just slouched on the couch, sending notes to friends on Facebook until it was time for bed.

We’re still in Stow until we move this weekend, so I had to do the way-early morning thing again, and I had one heck of a time peeling myself out of bed. I’ve been slogging down hot tea all morning and think I’m seeing this thing break. Away with the wheezies!

Moral of the story: I think I’ll take a slight jog tonight and start looking for recovery hereafter. I mean, I do have to train for a marathon here….


TrainingtoTri said...

Take some time off, feel better. If you are itching to run though, join us tomorrow night!

Dana said...

I think that's the right thing to do. Wish you a speedy recovery!

triguyjt said...

back off a itsy, bit, G, then you'll be fine.. Remember you really busted out a great time..so maybe the body is saying "what the hey?..easy does it!!")

take care

E-Speed said...

If you aren't acclimated to running downtown I am sure it could do a number on your lungs. Cleveland is one of the most polluted cities.

Hope you feel better!

kelsalynn said...

Hmm... those are some odd symptons, hopefully you get feeling back to normal soon so you can get your training on!

Wasn't the ending of "How I Met Your Mother" totally crazy? Were you expecting the proposal? Not me!