Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You’re Not Welcomed Here…

…is what I said to the momentary cold, flu, allergies, whatever that wiped me out for most of Tuesday.

I woke up really whipped and wrote it off as carried-over exhaustion from the weekend’s running. But by 10 a.m. it felt like much more than that. My throat hurt. I felt on the verge of being stuffy. My head went fuzzy from time to time. It was all I could not to nap at my desk. I still don’t know how I kept my eyes open.

My race-week schedule had me running some short distance (5-6 miles) on Tuesday, and I promised myself I would do it. After a short nap.

I fell asleep around 5 p.m. and was CERTAIN I would wake up with the flu. This thing just didn’t seem shakable. And when I woke up an hour later, I still felt like poop. So I ate.

What do you do when you’re under the weather? I know there’s the old feed this/starve that, but if my stomach is even close to A-OK, it’s getting fed. Perhaps it’s the spike in blood sugar or sheer hunger-related satisfaction that makes me feel better (if only for a moment). Whatever it is, it works.

Two soy butter and fruit spread (a.k.a. peanut butter and jelly) on toasted multigrain English muffins later, my stomach was happy! I picked up my computer and plugged away at work to the tune of the Indians game. And two hours later, I felt almost fine.

Which leads me to ask (pardon the language): WTF?

It’s like my body just wanted to give me a race-week scare. “So, you think you’re ready for 13.1 miles? Ha! Try it sick as a hippo!”

Most people who know my "I'm not sick and I don't need to rest.... ever" attitude will be surprised to learn that I didn't run. You read that right. I stayed in. I rested. What do you know? I feel better. I think.

This morning wasn’t as bad as Tuesday; I hope the progress continues. The rain, however, seems to be in on the joke, and it will likely dampen tonight’s miles.

Oh well. I only have tonight and Thursday night runs before I rest. And then, I don’t know, maybe I’ll take a 13.1-mile stroll around Cleveland on Sunday. Just for kicks and pride.


triguyjt said...

Laughed my butt off on the hippo reference.... could you imagine how yukky that would be???/

I am like you in that I never take off work..never acknowledge being under the weather..blah blah///

good for you to take a little break and you will rock on sunday...
good luck

Dana said...

I'm the same way that I hardly ever take off work & no running? Fuhgehdaboutit! There were times when I have been coughing up BOTH lungs that I will still workout. It's the endorphin rush that momentarily makes me feel better. But I'm the opposite when it comes to eating. If I can't taste anything(but tummy feels ok) then I won't eat. Which doesn't exactly work for running but so far I haven't passed out from it.

Glad to hear you are feeling better though!

kelsalynn said...

It's not contagious through blogland is it?? I really don't want to get sick. LOL.

I'm sorry you were sick but at least you're rebounding. I hate working while sick so I usually call in...

JenC said...

I've been flirting with something too. Must be the weather. Must deny all signs of sickness!!

Hope to see you Sunday!