Monday, October 5, 2009

What the tweet?

twitter whale

One major change this summer: I followed my own training plan for the Akron Half. It's only been three years of running for me, but after two marathons, a couple halves and a bunch of other races, I felt I had a solid enough foundation to give self-training a try.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not training Olympians anytime soon. My plan gleaned bits from Runner's World workouts I've dug in the past, Galloway tips and brain-training's Matt Fitzgerald. I spent much more time cross-training (i.e., low-impact aerobics, high-volume cycling, swimming, pilates, yoga, tennis) and taking joy-runs... being happy and loving what I was doing.

Most importantly, my training plan flowed with (and sometimes pushed against) the way my body was feeling day to day and configured workouts based on what's worked for me in the past.

Sure, I probably didn't push myself to levels I could and, maybe, should have, but I provided myself with the new experience of running a major distance PR injury free! Will I always run the GP plan? Probably not. It pays to switch things up a bit.

Hence the new blog! Another major change this summer: I couldn't squeeze in blog time (it was a good-busy summer). In fact, I had a difficult enough time logging my workouts on a scrap sheet of paper! I like to keep myself and buds on the up and up, however, so I've blended micro-blogging (the daily tidbits at the top of the page) with more lengthy race reports and diatribes below. I'm working on ways to improve the site over the next few months and welcome your suggestions.


Mnowac said...

I really like the runners world smart coach plans b/c they onlky call for running 3-4 days a week. I love to run, but I love to do other stuff to. I don't think I could ever run everyday, I'd miss biking and gym classes too much. I can't wait to get through this marathon this weekend, then I will be right there with you cutting out sugary snacks, my eating has been awful lately.

GP said...

I'm always guiltless as I pack on pounds (but they taste so good!) before a big race. Sure, I realize it would help if I hit a good "race weight," but if I'm going to be burning a few thousand extra calories each week... I think I need to know I get rewards later. That says something about me as a runner, I know. But I'm A-OK with whatever that is!