Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Kicking Butt, Taking Names

On Saturday, I’m going to run St. Malachi like Coach Mike Brown took off of the Pistons court after LeBron’s unbelievable three-point flip (that didn’t count). Talk about an incredible game; sorry to the many Pistons fans I know. Well, maybe not.

So, running: I began my tapering today with a 30-minute post-work run at the rec. center. Even though I said I wouldn’t be working too much on my stride this week (mostly out of fear of messing it up—leading up to the race and all), I focused on kicking my feet back for better turnover in my stride. I also said that I would begin weening myself off indoor running again, but that hasn't happened either.

My biggest problem, however, has always been maintaining my stride. How many times have I discussed this issue? How many times does it recur?

Lately I have noticed that my stride slumps far more from mental laziness than physical. So, I focused on kicking out the back of my stride for three-minute intervals today. It was incredible to feel that floating stride I see others achieve. I was almost jealous of myself.

And the most surprising part was how not exhausting it was for me. It has always been my impression that a wide or more-open stride with extended and kicking legs would tire the bejesus out of me. Yet in practice it was easier to do. When I remembered to do it.

Don’t look for me kicking butt and taking names with this stride at St. Malachi on Saturday. But maybe sometime this summer. Maybe.

I haven’t yet decided whether I will rest tomorrow, swim or do another short run. Friday will remain unchanged as a swimming/resting day. And I’m still waiting on that weather slow-down around here. It’s bloody cold outside and I don’t think I’ll have a fan club at all if it’s too blah outside on Saturday!


Jim said...

Best of luck Saturday, G!

Just have fun out there and make sure you don't get sucked in to the "starting out too hard" mindset! You don't want to drench your muscles with lactic acid in the first mile.

Can't wait to hear how it goes. You've been training so smartly that if you just run your own race you're going to rock!

Neil said...

I can think of one person who is going to be freezing his ass off to cheer you on...