Thursday, March 22, 2007

Supreme Bummer

I was filling out the registration form for the Cleveland Half Marathon on May 20 when I realized that I'm not actually going to be in Cleveland on May 20. I cannot explain how supremely bummed I am (although the reason I will not be in Cleveland is really cool: I'll be in New York for my friends' engagement party).

I have known about this party for some time, but I was so drunk with excitement over this race that the date conflict didn't register until now. At least I noticed before they took my money!

I'm going to go sulk for a while and then find a new half-marathon. I'm sorry, Landon! We'll have to find another race.


TRI Vortex said...

Well at least you caught it. The LA Tri Express that I'm signed up for this April is the same day as my new neice's Baptism. It doesn't start till 2:30pm so I should have plenty of time to finish the Sprint and get ready. Her dad was actually going to do the same thing, but his significant other talked him out of it since relatives flew in for the event.

Jim said...

What a bummer. You can always do a marathon session of heavy drinking at the party, instead. (Or a half-marathon session, anyway.)

I'm sure you'll find another event to gear up for and help you get through this.

Joe said...

I'm disappointed too. I was looking forward to the race report. Go find another race, quickly!

JenC said...

That is a bummer. It is a good race, but it will be there next year. I don't know of any good half-mary's around here at that time of year. The Hermes Cleveland 10-miler at the end of April could be a fun choice with a similar course.

You should check out the Cleveland Tri Club if you haven't already. I head up the newbies group and we plan to have at least one session per month in the summer.

The Salty One said...

This isn't so bad. There won't be many good longer races over the summer--it's kind of off-season. There are a couple good halfs in the fall: the River Run in September and the Buckeye half in October. You could pick one of those and really train for it. You can run a few shorter races over the summer to tune-up for that.

Oh and the Cleveland Tri Club seems really great. If I knew how to swim and had a bike I'd join!

Jim said...

I know it's a haul, G, but the Charlotte, N.C. half marathon is April 14.

At least you'll know the temperature will be pretty nice!

Rachel said...

Oops! I hate when that happens. There will be more half-marathons to run in the future.