Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Walking Weather

So, I lied.

When I left work this afternoon, it was far too nice outside to just sit in the dreary halls of the Music and Speech Building waiting for my class to begin. Instead, I put on my backup running shoes (I didn’t bring any exercise clothes or gear), parked my car outside the building and strolled the mile to Starbucks, where I picked up an iced tea.

I still had plenty of time remaining before class, so I walked up as many hills on north campus as I could. Wouldn’t you know it: it’s really easy (now) to walk up those things! Perhaps I should spend a few months training in San Francisco before I run the Cleveland 10K or half-marathon in May. I could really tune up my hill-running that way! Plus, I would get to live in San Francisco (although considering Monday’s wimpy 3.6 earthquake that scared the bejesus out of me, I might be better suited to a place where the ground doesn’t have a greater tendency to move when it’s not supposed to).

But I’m off to bed for now. I’ve had some severe sleeplessness lately, and I’ve kept myself up many nights enumerating the things that could be causing my sleeplessness, but you can see where that was going. While I think it started shortly after I began drinking the Lipton green tea at work, that tea-drinking coincided with some major work/stress-shifters in my job as well (such that stress was actually moved from somewhere else and directly onto my shoulders—and I typically handle these things so well!). Tonight, therefore, begins my quest to figure out what has been causing my late-night misery. My hope is that all the figuring will tire me out and I’ll just drift off to sleep.


The Salty One said...

Oh! That was so sweet. I hoped my unsolicited advice did not come off as all know-it-ally. That wasn't my intention. I just was in your shoes not that long ago, so I can relate and I know I could have used lots of advice, myself!

As for the sleep thing--maybe switch to decaf tea? Or was the tea talk that subtle irony thing?

Anyway, are you going back to the indoor track for the rest of the week? I have to do 10-12 on the treadmill tonight. Waaaaaa! March can be such a tease!

TX Runner Girl said...

Great way to spend that extra time before class! Hope you get some quality zzzz's soon!