Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Sacrificial Tuesday

Oh, what a sacrifice: I gave up swimming for today and went running for an hour. It wasn’t too bad outside, but I stuck to the warm indoors of the Kent State rec. center.

Some people might not think that skipping... exchanging a day of swimming for running is a sacrifice, but swimming is the best part for me!

The run was solid, but I’ve been having tight shins and ankles lately that have made the first 1-2 miles a little rough. More than the typical need-to-warm-up burn, it just started on Monday and I’m afraid it’s all part of my nerves.

Reassurances have been abound this week: I’m very grateful to everyone who have sent me their kind words of encouragement. And one of the best comments I have received came from the Salty One (whose blogs about running are actually quite swell). She said:

Racing is like any other performance and even people who have done it many times get nervous, just like stage performers and accomplished singers. It's normal.

So, right now I’m just searching for some perspective and maybe just a few depressants.

It’s supposed to snow all night tonight and throughout Wednesday. Didn’t anybody hear my pleas for better weather? Still a few days remaining, I guess.