Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Another Shining Moment

Sure, I lost my NCAA bracket this year, but I ran 6.31 miles this evening like it was nothing.

Sigh. Remember the days when I would book home to blog about running four miles outside? I think that was in February.

I set out this evening to just get in a couple miles: the anxiety of being in sixth place on my Nike+ challenge was making me itch. So, I thought I could add a few miles and inch my way toward the top. But the luxury of improvement is hitting three miles and not even noticing it. In fact, I only turned toward home when I noticed the amount of time I had run (I had to get back to start dinner, homework, and game-watching).

And as usual, I got lost on my run, but this time it was in a residential neighborhood where I felt less terrified of strange people and animals creeping out from the wetlands. Plus, I had the sun setting in the west to guide me home.

Georgetown may not have won the NCAA championship and Neil may have won my office’s bracket pool, but I am topping my Nike+ challenge right now with 9.43 miles in the month of April. And that’s really all that matters to me right now. That and watching this year’s “One Shining Moment.”


Jim said...

Lookin' good, G. How's your Heart Rate Monitor working out for you?

miss petite america said...

winning your nike challenge is FAR more important than your bracket indeed...you at least have control over it! kick some ass chica!

Joe said...

You are so right. I remember when a 3 miler was an accomplishment. Now it's just a warm up.