Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Review Time: The Neck Test

I had my running bag in tow when I visited my mom this weekend with the hope that I could wake up early on Sunday and take a jog. But then there was that snow. I was too sick yesterday to do much more than complain, so I missed that day as well.

And here I am on Tuesday, longing for the swim and/or run I should have had today. Whenever I’m ill I weigh the benefits of exercising and consistently come back to the “neck test.” It’s the only thing that leads toward the right thing to do:

Doctors and people who know more about these things say that of your cold is above the neck (sneezy, runny nose and headache), you can exercise and could benefit from a short, easy workout. On the other hand, colds that affect your body below the neck (hacking chest cough, upset stomach, fever), resting is the right choice.

So it happens: I’ve been resting. I’m actually itching to get outside and run. It’s been three days!

This has been one crazy year: I have never been sick this many times. In fact, I’ve never been sick as much as I have been since I began working in my current office. They keep telling me that my biohazard suit will harm morale and that wearing a surgical mask and rubber gloves on a regular basis would bum people out. So, I guess I should just build my tissue fortress and keep it their. Either that or I need to get one of those bubbles the Bubble Boy had on Seinfeld.

I have confidence that I will be able to get in the swing of things during the latter half of this week—we’re supposed to crawl out of freezing temperatures this week. And maybe then I can get back into the Nike race ;-)

For now, I suppose I’ll go take some rest with my fingers crossed for less hacking, sniffling, sneezing, aching and groaning. It would be nice if my legs would do more running than my nose.


The Salty One said...

When I was in school I used to get sick a lot more than I do now. Maybe the stress? Whatever it is, take it easy and get better!

Joe said...

Quit writing and get back to bed!

TRI Vortex said...

I didn't know about the neck test. I guess thats what I get from taking advise from Dr. Hackenpuse.

JenC said...

Get well soon!

What do you do when it is at your neck (i.e., sore throat)? I usually keep working out through that too, but don't know the protocol.

Mallie said...

I've had that kind of year too. Stomach flu? Check. Nasty winter cold? Check. I'm hopeful I'm done for '07. Will hope the same for you.