Friday, April 6, 2007

I Love Cleveland in the Springtime

You’ve gotta love Cleveland: I made it home just in time to catch the home plate argument between Wedge, Hargrove and the umps over when the snow had gotten just a bit too bad for the Indians home opener.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the worst home opener weather record and the coldest World Series game records?

I have to admit that the fans and the players at today’s game are tougher than I am. It’s too miserable outside right now for me to run out to the car. In fact, as I drove past Target on my way home, I thought about stopping to pick up enough gall to actually go running in this stuff!

As promised and planned, I swam after work (we were released at 3:30 p.m., but I couldn’t get out until 4ish) for about an hour and 3,600 yards (~2 miles):
  • 1,000 yards free
  • 5 x 200 yards IM alt. free
  • 10 x 100 yards assorted flavors:
    • 4 x 100 yards IM order
    • 4 x 100 yards free
    • 2 x 100 yards IM
  • 500 yards free
  • 100 yards free warm down
It dawned on me that while I have had a pretty decent swimming week (10,700 yards ~6.1 miles), I’ve really only swum as much as I used to swim in a single practice! But that was years ago when I was a young whipper-snapper. On the plus side, it has collectively been about the same amount of time. Just spread across several days. That's not so bad.

Now, if I could just not get too removed from running. I’m really glad right now that I pushed myself to run Sunday through Wednesday. I’ve really lost the nerve I had back in January and February when I was running on those frost-warning nights. But that might not be such a bad thing!

The weather doesn't look promising for the weekend, and I may have to go back on my anti-track movement. More news as it happens.


Jim said...

Don't you just HATE this time of year? Enough with the snow already It's April for cryin' out loud!

Papa Louie said...

I have to learn how to keep track of all the different sets of repeats and lengths. I get all mixed up with the numbers. I wonder how people do it. Anyway, good job on your workout.

The Salty One said...

What the!??!?! Can you believe this horrible snow!? It is gorgeous to look at but man do I want some sunshine and warm temps! Where did the Spring go?

TRI Vortex said...

Whats that stuff falling from the sky? It doesn't look like rain. I'm in Southern California, where do you get such odd weather, whats next...Locus?