Monday, April 30, 2007

April in Review

After calibrating my iPod, I was back on track and running toward 5.07 miles around the neighborhood (where I know my distances). It was dead on today as I pass one mile after the other, and didn’t stress at all about why its accuracy was sleeping in on Saturday morning.

It also occurred to me how much lighter I was on my feet today and I began wondering how much weight stress adds to your stride. I finished one more project for school today (three more to go!) and know I had these many things weighing my shoulders for the past several weeks.

I leave for Portland on Wednesday and should be done with everything for school by next Wednesday. So, maybe I should get into a race the following Saturday and see how well I run when I’m relieved and free as a bird!

As April ticks away, it looks like I will win one of my Nike Plus challenges (fastest 3K in April, 13:48) and come in second for miles in April (92.01). I’m only a little bitter about the second place thing—the chick who won the challenge showed 4.06 miles every single day with inconsistent total stats. It was a little bit fishy… but it's only Nike Plus, you know?

Looking back on the past four months, however, I’m pleased with my progress: I started off the year with the astronomical goal of 30 miles in January. It was unthinkable back then! And this month I ran almost 100. I would be mad at myself for not reaching 100 miles, which was my goal, but I had that awful sick spell. Again: what can you do? I ran my first 10-mile race and finish my first unofficial half marathon. I’m not breaking any records but I’m making strides in the right direction.

Thanks to everyone for their guidance, support and inspirational stories, and high fives all around for all of the big races, hills and challenges you've conquered. I look forward to next week, when I’m done with classes, when I can get back the important stuff, like keeping up with everyone else. And on that note, I’m off to knock out one more thing before I leave town.


Kate said...

Hi there,

I popped over from Jen.. Nice work on the 10-miler and on the super speedy 3k! Those Nike Plus challenges are very cool!

Good luck with the IM training!


The Salty One said...

What a successful month!! You'll feel so good when school's done. I was always a basket case this time of year. This is the first year in a long time where I didn't have to go through the hell that is exam period--you know sitting at a desk all day while beautiful sunny springtime day after beautiful sunny springtime day comes and goes. Then again, I could put my books down at anytime and go for a run whenever I wanted. hmmm...

Anyway, good luck with exams or papers or whatever it is you have to do to finish up!!

Oh, and I'll expect a full report on Portland--particularly the good eats!!!

miss petite america said...

you have TONS to be proud of!

but i can tell you already knew that! you rock chica!