Monday, April 16, 2007

My Kent Half Marathon

Sunday was yet another down day for me and while I’m still congested and a little achey, I woke up pretty energetic this morning. And I’m certain that had nothing to do with taking a vacation day today!

Since I’m too wimpy to tough out the outdoor elements, I headed to the rec. center around 9 a.m. (I had a 12:30 p.m. class anyway), but ran with my Boston Marathon bloggy buddies in mind.

I’m still recovering, so I didn’t want to push myself beyond my capacity. It was meant to be a leisurely run; I just kept going and going and going. And by the time I hit ten miles, I looked outside (the wind was beding the trees over sideways), thought about the crazy weather in Boston and ran the additional three miles in honor of those tough people who did brave the elements today.

And that’s how I ran my first (unofficial) half marathon. Yeah!

But I was a good girl, running right around 8:00/mile for all 13 miles. My runner’s high ran fast through my veins for at least 1-2 hours afterward, carrying over right into my class where I had to do an impromptu magazine pitch and did it well. For anyone who knows about my speaking anxieties, you’ll know what a feat that was.

The real lowdown, however, is at the Boston Marathon: uber congrats to Salty One and Papa Louie for their inspirational races and brave performances in some crazy stuff! Way to go! I'm eager to hear the race reports from Boston.


Landon said...

Congratulations on 13 miles, official or unofficial. Physically, it's a nice hurdle to get over in your progress. Mentally, it's one step closer to trusting your body with the huge tasks you're setting for it.

You're going to *waste* your puny 10-miler.

Joe said...

You ran an unofficial half marathon, just for fun? You're crazy, Girlfriend!

Actually, I did the same thing last year. I had planned to run 10 miles and when I got to 10 I thought, what the heck, let's try for a half.

Next time, see if you can stretch it out to an unofficial full marathon.

Jim said...

You rock, G! Way to go.

Is it me, or does that photo on your post look strikingly like The Salty One! If not for the number I'd say it was her!

GP said...

Haha, Jim. For the record that is Lidiya Grigoryeva. But both she and Salty are some butt-kicking women!

The Salty One said...

Thanks G!!! That WOOHOO you gave me wasn't exactly unleashed in style as I slogged through the wind to the finish, but it did help me get there and that's what counts! I did unleash a lot of it through Wellesley--I think I smacked every screaming girls hand and WOO'd right back at them all!! It was something else!!!

As for you--nice run! You know how I feel about your pace, but I trust you not to hurt yourself. Keep up the good work!

PS heh! Jim, you crack me up! I wish!!!