Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spoiled and Impatient Nor’easter Ohioans We Are

After a downer of a Friday, I hit the track this afternoon for another easy 4.68 miles running, which felt even better than Wednesday’s run. I’m beginning to think—and may even believe—that I’m finally crawling out of this sick thing. Sure, I still can’t breathe out of my nose, but wellness is just around the corner.

And I’m assuming that spring should be around the corner as well.

Today was my second-last all-day Saturday class, and as I drove home all I noticed were dozens of people outside doing what they would normally do this time of year, just with a little extra padding.

There were groups of people huddled together in puffy winter coats outside the Handel’s Ice Cream on Fish Creek Road; cyclists layered with extra cycling clothes pedaling down Kent Road; and families promenading down Graham Road in spring clothes adorned with extra-puffy ear muffs, scarves and mittens. If it hadn’t been for the slush that fell from the sky around dinnertime, you wouldn’t have known it was still winter around here.

I think we were all so spoiled by that beautiful streak two weeks ago that it’s owed to us and we should have it back. Maybe that’s just the way I feel. I’m really missing my outdoor running, but really understand that running in the slush is probably not a top choice with my current health.

Two weeks until the Cleveland 10-Miler, but this weekend seems to be the big one for races: all the best to Landon (1/2 marathon), Jim (5K) and Papa Louie and Salty One (the Boston Marathon). And everyone else I’m leaving out (I’m still recovering... best wishes to everyone who is recovering as well!).

But we must really band together right now for good running weather in Boston on Monday and Santa Cruz next Saturday, in particular.


miss petite america said...

thanks for the weather voodoo chica...i'll send some wellness vibes your way :)

Jim said...

Those poor Boston Marathon folks. The weather there this morning looks absolutley horrendous - heavy rain and 20-25 MPH winds with higher gusts. It has to be a total mental bummer for so many who have made this race the focus of their lives for sooooo long. Hopefully they can find something positive to hang onto while they're out there.

Joe said...

Sorry to hear you're still a bit sick. Me too. If you want to try a radical therapy, try Cold-Fx