Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Better Luck in the Pool

It turns out there is something to this cold weather: I went to the pool today around 12:30 and I was the only one there. Not even the lifeguard was around.

For the first half hour I had the pool entirely to myself (the lifeguard came back before I jumped in). I completed about 2,500 yards today during a 45-minute swim. I still can't manage to keep count during these straight swims, but at least I keep going! And you would be proud: I only raced 2-3 people in the pool today. But they asked for it. Totally.

My swimming endurance has really improved over the past two weeks. Although I was previously swimming more yards (there were a few 3,000-yard days) per visit, I was breaking up the distances into various combinations of medlies and kicking laps. It was less out of weak endurance than mental ability. I still have an issue with keeping my mind occupied, but I don't feel the bored-pain that stopped me in the past.

And I firmly believe that if I had more lunchtime to swim, I could go at least 5,000 yards. I hit my pace around 1,000 yards and finish pretty strong; I always wish I could keep going. As I've mentioned in another post, I'd really like to work a third day of swimming into my week. Now, to figure out where to put that day?

My fingers are crossed that tomorrow is as balmy as the weather man promises. Eighteen degrees should be easier than 4 degrees for running outdoors.


jasonkennedy55 said...

Hey IronG...you commented on my post on insidetri and told me blantly advertised your blog. It was good. But here is my question:

You are swimming 2500m and I am sweating 500m in about 1 hour (remember fat out of shape). I read the books and all that, but I cannot see how I can go from 500 to 3000m. How did you do it?

Keep up the good info.

jasonkennedy55 said...


Shameful advertisement.