Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Little South of Overdoingit

One of the best parts of running a few weeks ago during those frostbite advisory days (I think my nose is still a little raw from the cold; damn Jack Frost!) is how easy it is to run outside now when the temperature blasts into the upper 30s!

Although I spent most of the day feeling wholly dispassionate about a position paper I had to write, I hit the still ice-crusted sidewalks in my neighborhood twice today, leaving two more runs to complete tomorrow. I may have come close to overdoing it, and will take a much needed make-up-for-being-a-dufus day on Thursday (mentally, physically, emotionally).

The runs were about 5 miles a piece. I know, I know, I know I have chided myself recently for stopping at my minimum (I believe they were each around 5.02 and 5.04 miles), but I set out to do two runs today. I'm feeling surprisingly swell. The most difficult part was running with all of my winter clothes on: it may have been in the upper 30s, but I was still dressed for the awful days of winter. Perhaps they're past us now? Plus, only one side of the street had clean sidewalks (and even that side was only 2/3 clear), so I had to run up and down the same path. For five miles in the morning. For five miles in the evening. Yawn.

But March is upon us: what do you think my March goal should be?

I wasn't quite fond of my February goal, but that happens when you're staring at two more five-mile runs on the last day of the month. Why can't this be a leap year? But I will definitely focus on running again (especially with my first race coming up) in March. Perhaps in April I will get some cycling into the mix as well. And, well, swimming is just my treat.

For now, however, I need to get some sleep in the mix. Tomorrow is one of those long, hard days that is sure to cause more emotional stress than necessary (more on that later). And that's why I'm glad I can look forward to my upcoming New York trip (in May) thanks to CHRIS at DATAVANTAGE, (last name omitted) who has released Neil to go with me. I didn't have a photograph of Chris, so I've posted this picture of Orlando Bloom in his place.