Friday, February 23, 2007

Looking Toward March and the Spare Swim

Sometimes it just takes that cold week or that lousy day to put a stick in the spokes of the fun bicycle ride that is regular training for me. Last week's weatherly obstacles and this week's mental hurdles have shot my motivation.

I ran a tad over 5 miles after work today, but it's been a struggle lately. Even with these sunny days! I've had trouble getting starting, continuing to run, finding the will to keep running. It's as if I hit seven miles last weekend and it was all down hill from there.

Maybe it was because I clicked off my Nike+ iPod reading after that run before Paula Radcliffe could congratulate me for my greatest distance.

That must be it.

I suppose I'll have to get back to that whole dessert reward scheme. Nothing moves this girl like some torte.

On the bright side of all my negative talk and sluggishness, I am inching toward my once-seemingly-unreachable February goal! So as not to repeat a comparable misjudgment of starting a lofty goal five days into a short month, I'll have to nail down my March goal soon.

What do you think?

Perhaps I can run more miles every time I set out than the time before... that way I won't wallow in my five-mile rut. Or I could commit to at least 3-5 hours of running each week. Maybe three 1-hour runs.

Poolside: I would like to fit in that extra day of swimming this weekend. When I combine swimming and running (in that order) in a single day, I feel great. Running and then swimming, however, doesn't work for me. And I'm so glad the original Mr./Ms. Triathlon agreed.