Saturday, February 3, 2007

February Goal: Endurance

After much consideration (and a handful of fantastic suggestions and bits of advice), I've decided on my February goal: 12 runs of five miles or more.

While I won't be swearing off any of my favorite things, I will find a reward to lay at the finish line (i.e., fruit napolean, super-chocolate truffle, sweet potato tart with white-chocolate ganache, casata cake, a weekend trip to New York... sorry, daydreaming) since I chomp at motivators so well.

Setting my goal makes me want to head outside and start chipping away, but it's so blustery outside right now I can't tell there is, in fact, an outside (wind-driven white-out). I might consider getting out my old ski goggles for a day like today!

But it's not a fear of running in the cold that has me down. I've warmed to the idea and am getting better at hitting the cold, lonely pavement. For a while I was worried about whether running in the cold and snow was bad for me. Most of it was gossip based: non-runners constantly warned that I should cover my mouth to avoid breathing "that cold air" and some others said I would just plain die. What do they know?

I've had some pretty good conversations about running in the cold with other runners/triathletes via the discussion board. Check out the interesting perspectives on winter-running, mouth covering and cold weather attire I received in this Running in the Cold thread. I'd love to know what others think and experience as well.

February is a short month and I've already lost 2.5 days! I hope that by the end of the month five miles won't be the daunting task it is right now. Endurance here I come!


Landon said...

I love running in freezing weather. Why?
-It's invigorating
-No one else is around
-Bundling up to run makes me feel freer and faster when it's not cold
-It's a useful motivator: "If I ran 10 miles when it was 5 degrees out, I can run today"

I've never worried about breathing cold air and it's never bothered me. I would consider covering my mouth on runs over an hour in subzero temps, but otherwise I can't help think it's a personal preference.