Monday, February 26, 2007

More Yoga-Running Benefits

While I was running yesterday, I noticed that my stride has not only improved with my conscious arms movements and leg extensions, but with my better posture as well.

I've had poorer-than-it-should-be posture since I became an uncomfortable teenage girl about fifteen years ago (has it been that long?). And it's been a struggle to be normal ever since. Aside from my being short already, the bad posture weakens my running stride and puts weight on joints that don't need the extra burden.

Yoga, however, has helped strengthen my back and straighten it out. I know, I've mentioned it before! But simply sitting in sukasana or standing in tadasana, your heart opens and you can feel the outer-spiraling movement of your arms. On most weekdays my upper back crunches when I prepare for yoga, releasing all the tension, bad vibes and fatigue built by a workday. It's calming just typing about it.

When I practice yoga at least twice a week, I can feel a difference in my running. Not only do I carry myself better and upright, I'm lighter in my shoes. Rather than slump into my shoes, I float above them.

My yoga recommendation is Vinyasa yoga (Pablo Domene Lee offers a great session via podcast on his Web site) if you can find it at a studio near you. While you're looking, however, perhaps you can look into Tracy's recommendation: Bikram yoga. It's been called "hot yoga" because it's practiced in a room that's heated to 105 degrees. She swears by it. Either one is worth a try.

I'll have get some running-followed-yoga a try tomorrow: I think I'm going to swap out a swimming Tuesday for a running day. It dawned on me today that I should try to make my weekend running day Saturday and then swim on Sunday (if I ever get in that third day!). Running my long distance on Sunday has butted into a regularly scheduled running Monday. It's throwing me all off.

Several people brought it to my attention today that I to mindful to sufficiently rest myself between runs. And that I shouldn't expect to run nine miles everyday (you know me so well)! So, I rested my legs this evening and opted for some light weight training instead.

Swimming has been going well, so I should be able to stand a day off. Too bad I didn't get that extra swimming day in this weekend. But there is always next weekend.


Jim said...

Hi G,

Quick note to say congrats on your Blog of the Day yesterday. Good stuff.