Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Shivering with Cabin Fever

How nice it is to be wrong: after all of my disbelief in having a real snow day in the adult world, I was proved wrong today. At 6 a.m. my boss called and said the university was closed and that there was no work today. Yippee!

The downside was that there was no makeup swimming or running because the rec. center was closed as well.

My parents and me. Nothing to do with training, although I did convince my dad to tri-train after he retires. He says he'll try to make Kona by 2015 too.I did, however, try to go for a run. After I carefully packed myself into dryer-warmed running tights, fleece-lined pants and about three other layers of clothing, I busted through the door into the winter wonderland. I ran about ten paces down our sidewalk and stopped in my tracks.

There were some paths carved out of the snow, but where it was either pushed aside or left alone, the snow was anywhere from my knees to my hip. And I'm out to be an endurance-tested runner, not a hurdling champion. So, I ran to the end of the sidewalk, swung around and went inside.

Again I stuck to the strength training in the middle of my living room. Thank goodness for free weights, a stability ball and yoga.

The weather forecast looks healthy for tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to getting in the pool over lunch. Is it sad that I'm hoping to work tomorrow just so I can go swimming? You can see what I did today on my other blog, which features adventures with Melville the Snowman, as well as a link to photos from my birthday.

Plans for this weekend: find some races to run! I'd like to run a 5K early and go from there. I'm definitely penciling in the Greater Cleveland Triathlon and the Cleveland Triathlon. We'll see what else falls into place as the warmer seasons approach. If you have any race suggestions, locations or warnings, please send them my way!