Friday, February 9, 2007

On the Road Again...

Progress. I made my return to progress this morning, completing my first endurance-goal run (5.08 miles) for the month. The overall goal aims at building my endurance, so I would like for future runs to be a little more than 0.08 over the 5-mile mark. But it's a start.

Despite the promise of warmer weather, it's still a little too chilly outside for extended exposure. For me, at least. The blinding sunshine, however, will fool you into believing otherwise. It doesn't do a thing in the way of warmth. In fact, I think I actually felt colder while running today (I dressed the same as recent frigid days, even prepping my clothes in the dryer before I put them on) because I had expected to be better off.

I suppose I'll have to look forward to 20-degree running weather another day.

My whole day won't degenerate into a couchfest, but for now I'm relaxing with an episode of "Extras." I've done my weight training for the day and some core exercises, so I deserve a brief respite before the cerebral calisthenics I have planned for the afternoon.

It is, after all, only 10:30 a.m.

And if I get my work done properly in that realm, I just might jump back in the pool. I'm still trying to get three swimming days into a week.


Jim said...

Happy Birthday Gina! I sent an e-card to your work e-mail but I see you're not in today to fetch it. Something to look forward to Monday :) - Jim