Thursday, February 22, 2007

Unconventional Recovery: Double or Nothing

Rumor has it that yesterday was National Have a Poopy Day Day (that’s right, two ‘days’). And if you didn’t celebrate with the rest of us, let’s just say you really missed out.

On today being comparatively better.

Not only did Diana, a lovely woman from my office, find the missing button from my coat (seriously, who ever finds their missing button?), but I had a fairly decent swim and a good run today as well.

I was still feeling a little drained after having my brain and confidence lashed yesterday, so I kept the swimming tough, but brief:

300 yards free
[break to talk running and spinning]
600 yards fly (alternating 200 yards one-arm, 100 yards two-arm)
[no break]
100 yards free

As usual, I’m on one of my kicks: I love the one-arm fly workout. It’s nice to really feel the rhythm of butterfly and the full length of my stroke. Plus, it tires me out big time. So, even if 1,000 is low yardage for me right now, the impact was there. And the fun was too.

Nevertheless, I had guilt and energy powering me through the end of the day (guilt over still having seven – now six – runs remaining by Feb. 22), so I skipped out and had a quick 5.5 miles at the rec. center, which hasn’t been remotely as track-crowded as it used to be. Knock on wood.

But tonight should be more about relaxation and recovery. I’m going to kick back with a cup of earl grey, the latest edition of Tin House and the Cavaliers game in the background. Maybe I'll finally write that short story I've been meaning to get out. Let's hope.