Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

I know, I know, I know I'll never get anywhere by taking off a perfectly good Sunday when I could have taken a nice run or swim at the rec. center, but I am at least eating raw carrots and broccoli for a snack instead of digging into some leftover chocolate mousse. Not that this is a weight-loss program!

The day simply escaped me as I was working on a short story and my media ethics paper. Once I get through the paper jam that is mid-semester, I should spend less time making excuses and more training. And if someone could tell my neighbors to quiet down, I could get something done around here. Some guys just don't grow up.

I'll have to consider some sort of before- and after-work deal tomorrow... otherwise I'll never be the LeBron James of anything, really. Plus, I'll never complete my running goal for this month (I can't believe it's already Feb. 18; where did my birthday go?).

But for now I'm going to do some weight training while I watch LBJ be the LBJ of the world. I want to be LBJ of the world. Just for one day.