Monday, February 5, 2007

Since at First I Did Not Succeed...

I'll just have to try, try, try again.

Despite the neverending list of school closings that are still scrolling across the TV (why don't they just list what will be open tomorrow?), I headed out for my first run of the month. Neither I nor the mercury, however, made it to the big '5.'

I stayed inside all weekend. By this afternoon I was itching with cabin fever, even when I headed out for class around noon and nearly cried at the cold. But by the time I came home (and realized I had to pay the rent), it didn't feel that bad. That bad. So, I bundled up hard core. Running tights, soccer socks, running socks, fleece-lined wind pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt, among other things.

What helped most was the "coolmax" shirt I wore over the long-sleeved tee — it's made with that athletic material that wicks moisture away from your body. I think it kept my sweat and moisture within the bottom 2-3 layers of clothes, keeping the top two dry. That's nice!

I actually felt pretty great as I ran, even when I received some more-than-nutty looks from passers-by (mostly people in slow cars and one gaping guy with two dogs on a bathroom break).

What stopped me? My eyes were watering at the cold and the tears were actually freezing on my eyelashes. Although I could wipe it away, the frost began building up a bit much and I took it as a sign from Boreas, the Greek god of flipping cold, to take cover. So, I ran three miles and headed inside.

Unfortunately, that doesn't move me any closer to my goal. After I had a shower, dried off and eaten some soup (mmm, green/white tea + chicken broth and whole wheat dumplings), I regretted stopping and grumbled "I would have been done by now" a few times more than necessary. Sigh. Woulda, shoulda, coulda. Didn't.