Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter Storm Warning

What a bummer: I had to work through lunch today to finish a project, so I didn't go swimming at my normal time. To make up for it, I left work early and cleaned off my work associates' snow-mounded cars in the lot before heading to the rec. center. But when I pulled in the parking lot was empty. The center had closed because of the weather.

At least a bunch of people walked out to cleaned cars!

I'll have to settle for the intense muscular workout I got from driving home this evening. Every time my car slid or another car came careening my way, I could feel every muscle tense up. I'm a fairly calm driver and I don't lose my cool, but I still tighten up at that first feeling of no-control. I'm just grateful to be home and safe.

So, today became an unofficial day of rest, homework and guilt. Part of me wishes for a snow day tomorrow, but the other side of me realizes that I'm not in third grade and we don't get snow days anymore. Besides, I would want the snow day to catch up on things like swimming and running, but the rec. center would be closed and the snow would still be up to my knees. And that's the point at which running becomes an extreme sport rife with the slides, slips, jumps, tricks and broken bones you don't want at my age.

But if classes are canceled tomorrow, I might pull the double shift: swimming in the afternoon, running in the evening.


Jim said...

This is so funny Gina - the different takes we both have on today's winter storm. My blog entry today is a bit more celebratory of it. Of course, I don't have to drive in the stuff here in N.C., and will only be "visiting" it this weekend. But still, I am sooooooo excited about all that white, beautiful, snow! Sorry. I DO feel your pain. Really. :)