Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Rock Bottom Isn't So Bad

Today I hit rock bottom. There was no head-shaving or escaping from rehab, but pressures from every corner of my life had mounted and I reached that place where you just want to quit everything. In fact, at one point, I wondered if I could even handle the two weeks I'd have to give as notice for my job.

Oddly enough, I didn't want to quit my training. Yeah, yeah, yeah, cute story. But it's true.

By mid-day I lacked motivation to even click my mouse to open an interesting email (it was one about food too). Yet after my afternoon class I didn't have a second thought about running a little over 5 miles. And then after work I did the same thing. I dragged myself to my evening class with what little will remained and then something clicked. The paper over which I had toiled was returned with a better grade than expected. And I realized that all this sluggishness and moping was a big waste of time.

That's the lovely thing about hitting rock bottom. I can't say that I'm magically "cured" or really just better in general, but I'm getting there. Although I'm not quite sure why I'm sharing all of these unnecessary details (all that narcissism from the next generation has made me a sullen teenager).

The most important thing is that I completed my February goal!

As I mentioned yesterday, I need to take a serious running break on Thursday (it's typically my swimming day anyway) before I start on my week-before-my-first-race routine. That's right, St. Malachi is a week from Saturday. I'm going to need to adjust from my regularly schedule running routine next week to get in the proper training and the appropriate rest by Saturday. These mid-day classes have really dorked up my schedule over the past two months (and I cannot wait until May when I can have my lunch hours back).

Orlando. Just because I can.By the middle of tomorrow, however, I would like to establish my March goal so I can get started. So, everyone who said they had ideas: lay them on me!

And I thought it was in order — considering my low state and need to thank Chris again for allowing Neil to take off work for New York — to post another photo of Orlando Bloom. Not because I don't have a picture of Chris again, but because I have this photo of Orlando Bloom.