Wednesday, January 3, 2007

January Countdown Begins...

Listen to the soundtrack to Jan. 3 run:
Haughty Melodic by Mike Doughty

Today was Running Wednesday. And while the rec. center was still packed with resolutionists, the track was accessible. I would like to start running outside soon, but we're taking this one step at a time. So, I ran 2 miles and walked 1 mile.

By last August, I had built up to my all-time single-distance running record: seven miles. I was averaging around 10-12 miles each week and working on increasing my speed. But then I went on vacation. Boston was beautiful, but I lost my way (a.k.a. I got lazy) and had to start all over again. It's sad, really. Very, very sad.

The iPod chip should arrive on Friday. I'm psyched. These two miles, of course, count toward the month's 30. Nike+ just doesn't know that yet.

28 miles to go...