Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Swimming Tuesday Hampered by Resolutionists

My first Swimming Tuesday was hampered today by 1) a slightly sore shoulder from being overzealous with weights on New Year Monday and 2) resolution swimmers. All due respect to resolution-makers, but, as Jeff G. has aptly observed, getting in shape is more a lifestyle change than a one-year [failed] commitment.

I typically swim at 1 p.m. during lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Kent State rec. center. Experience has shown that the lanes are open at this time (don't ask about the noon episode).

That is, until today.

I tried to look intimidating with my swim cap and Vanquisher goggles. But something tells me that the mostly large white guys swimming lap-for-lap weren't moved. My theory, however, was that since these were resolution swimmers, they wouldn't have too much stamina. I was right. Within ten minutes the pool was mostly clear.

Today's limited and skimpy workout (1400 yards):

500 yard free warm-up
400 yard IM kick (shoulder rest)
400 yard IM swim
100 yard free warm-down

It's still early. I have found it is wise to listen to your aches and pains sometimes, especially as you get older. Two and a half weeks ago I tweaked some muscles in my right back/wing doing weights, but ignored the pain as I warmed up with a 1,000 yard warm-up in the pool. My arm was sore through each and every stroke, but I kept pushing it. Then one lap into the next set, I was pulling into a turn and felt something pull and hint at a tear. I had to do that survival back float just to make it back to the wall. But after a trip to the hot tub, a long shower and some days of rest, I was back at it.

Note: today's shoulder pain was the right side again, but more rotator cuff than wing. It almost feels like a got punched in the arm! But I think I will go with the WebMd diagnosis of muscle strain.

Tomorrow: the Nike-Apple iPod Sport Kit.