Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dashing Through the Snow to the Finish

In a few minutes, I will head to my last meeting of the day (thankfully, it's at Starbucks) and then skip over to the rec. center to top off 60 miles for the month. And then go to a Media Ethics class (it keeps me from lying to you about my training).

Just picture me in one hour sprinting toward the finish line of my first real goal in tri-training (getting up in the morning apparently doesn't count). Sigh. Oh, relief.

It had crossed my mind on a number of occasions — particularly as I was scraping my car some nights before heading home — to give myself a bye, to tell myself 50 or 52 or 57 miles would have to be enough. But not only am I bad at lying (to other people, as well as myself), I realize that there will be no rolling couches at the triathlon, no naps on the roadside and certainly no Rosie Ruiz action on my part. Just pure, hard running.

Off to it.