Wednesday, January 10, 2007

POLL: When Will I Finish 30 Miles?

It appears that this countdown thing really works. As I was running a little over 5 miles today, I hit 3.16 miles, according to my properly operating Nike+iPod, and my body felt like stopping. My countdown-focused mind, on the other hand, thought better of it. Eleven miles remaining just sounds better than 12 or 13. And it's two miles closer to cake and cookies and pastries and... well, you get it.

I must admit, however, that I ran the 5 miles in slight increments: 3 miles, 1.5 miles, 0.5 mile. Typically, I run sans break, but I have the same "must race passers-by" bug on the track that I have in the pool. But I have neither the speed nor the endurance I do in the pool. So, I took a break after I overdid it during the first three miles. Then I couldn't stop at a half-mile marker again, so I went the extra half mile after another walking break.

And that's how you run 19 miles in the first 10 days of the month.

POLL: When do you think I will finish January's 30 miles?


bluetri said...

Random guess, you'll finish Jan. 20, 2007. Go run!

TriAndTrue said...

You could do that in two days. 5.5 miles each day. So, Saturday? Sunday? Depends on your running schedule.

Prof. Glidden said...

Sooo...are you saying that I annoy you when I try and pass you on the track? Sorry! I'm like you. I was coming up behind you yesterday, and it was "game on." That's just my personality type : Annoying. But you know that already. : )

You will finish your running this weekend. Sunday morning. 11:22am. And then you will stop by the store and purchase a 5-pound Hershey's chocolate bar...and devour it in two large bites.

(what's the prize for being the closest on the prediction?)

GP said...

prof. glidden: Too bad you couldn't pass me. Neither in water nor on land. Oop: who said that?

No decision on prizes yet. But I'll think of something.

Prof. Glidden said...

Excuse me...I have something in my throat...

(bwaa hee hooo hoo hooo haa hee hee!!!)

I'm better now.

I didn't pass you simply because I'm a GENTLEMAN. (Well, and also because I fear you.) I caught you TWICE...because of my superior strength and stamina...and I COULD have passed you if I wanted to.

I think maybe you need to find some faster music for that Ipod.

( NOW I've done it...)

Daniella said...

I agree with what triandtru said you could finish it in 2 days, or you can just take your time.

One things I will comment on that might be making you exhausted it your form when you run. Your running form is so important, it's what will carry you when you are tired.

For instance many people cross their arms across their chest which holds them back as they are running. Or they don't move their arms enough, and your arms are what picks up your legs (I don't know if you've even noticed that).

We'll have to get together soon and go for a jog in the metro parks or something.

Keep up the good work girl!

Landon said...

You'll finish 30 Saturday morning after you wake up feeling a queasy mixture of ambition and guilt over the unfinished miles (evidently BARRING RAIN (come on)).