Thursday, January 11, 2007

Why You Need Nike+iPod

This isn't an advertisement. But if it were, I would tell you that you need this thing because it's awesome.

If there are similar products out there (I admit that I haven't done my comparison shopping/research), please let me know. I am repeatedly surprised at the things this Nike+iPod thing can do and hope that more people can share in this joy.

After loading my most recent run into my account (unfortunately, I couldn't add my 4.5 miles from the other day), I was able to see my run plotted out on a graph of time and distance. Incredible! If you look at the graph (view graph in greater detail), you can see where I was slowing down and pittering out... until I felt the need to race. It also marks off each mile and your time. For example, I clocked 7:58 for my last mile. Not bad.

Then again, you could just keep track of your mileage and do some division when you get home. But I was never good at that whole math thing.

My goal for now is to do five consecutive runs under 8:30; this total run averaged 8:24. Four more to go; I'm getting there.

We're going to dinner this evening and I'm trying really hard to convince myself that I should not, in fact, run home 11 miles just so I can have some dessert tonight! Worry not, Iron G readers: I will not crumble under the pressure.

The hardest part about this resolution is explaining to people that it's not a crazy diet plan. For the past two weeks I've gotten plenty of "Oh, but you don't need to lose weight" and "But if you eat it for breakfast, it's not dessert." I even faced more peer pressure than a girl on prom night at a recent work party for the Buckeyes. Everyone kept saying that having just a sliver of buckeye cheesecake wouldn't "hurt." And they're right; it wouldn't hurt. It would just completely nullify everything I've done this month. The adversity reminded me how much people don't appreciate others' goals, or how willing those people are to bring others down just to feel better about their own lack of goals and ability.

So, this is just your friendly neighborhood Iron G reminding you to say: F'em.