Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Rule the Pool

As it turns out, I'm not so crazy. Well, as far as swimming is concerned. I talked to a guy named Matt at the pool today (another competitive swimmer of olde) and he admitted to racing everyone within eyeshot at the pool too. In fact, without knowing it, we raced for about 500 yards (my second 500 set below) before we spoke; I won. (Insert high-five here.)

But it was really nice to have someone pushing me like that. While part of me misses the competitive atmosphere of a swim team practice, the rest of me likes being able to stop and go when I please. Plus, I don't have to do "torture tens." That's worth it alone.

What I did do today, however, was swim 3,600 yards (2.05 miles):

500 yards free (warm up)
200 yards IM
500 yards free
100 yards fly kick
1000 yards free
300 yards IM kick
400 yards IM
100 yards fly kick
400 yards IM
100 yards free (cool down)

Good thing I upped the running miles the other day, because it would be a little embarassing to be able to swim further than I run. Although it is close. Sadly, my increase in yardage was more a product of time than some jump in my physical ability. Since I had the day off, I kept going. But it couldn't have taken me more than an hour and a half. I'll try not to get discouraged when my time/yardage is cut down. Maybe I should just swim faster!

One of the things I like about swimming (as well as yoga): I can have a really intense workout, and then I walk out ready to run for miles and miles. People have complained about swimming making them too tired when they're done, but it energizes me. And I like that feeling. Taking a lunch-hour swim twice a week is one of my saving graces at work. I wouldn't be able to take others' stress and drama without the break. It's like my brain gets oxygenated and renewed.