Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Don't Worry: This Blog Has Been Disinfected

It was another early morning at the rec. center, where I ran 3 miles to take my countdown to 15 miles by next Thursday.

And it's been a difficult day. Not only have I ended up with something very flu-like, but I pulled something in my calf avoiding a rude ROTC cadet on the track today. The rules of passing on a track are similar to rules on the road. They also closely resemble rules of common sense. You've heard of it.

So, I'm rounding 2.5 miles when a fresh-running cadet rounds the far-end of the track and passes from the slow, inside lanes. But he didn't just pass, he hopped right in front of me and then slowed down. I had to stumble a few times (I was boxed in on the outside) to avoid tangling feet with him. It only took a few strides to have enough of that, so I sped up and passed the mo' fo.

A lap later, however, he did it again! This time I stumbled hard trying not to tackle him, and then I pulled something. I ran ahead again, but I think you know what happened next. Grrr.

The lesson, kids: don't pass people when you're not running faster. Even if they are female.

Please excuse my bitterness. It's been rough. I'm going to get some rest now with the hope thatI won't have to miss swimming Thursday because of illness!


Landon said...

Another reason to start running outside more: less people.

GP said...

You're damn right. I'm also starting to run on the track with a taser.