Monday, January 15, 2007

A New Day, A New Goal

Why wait until next month when I can pledge a bonus 30 miles for the remainder of January? (Now that's more bang for your blogging buck!)

But before you knew I was headed that way, I crossed off 4 miles today as a beginning to the latter half of the month. Since I had the day off of work, I also put in a 1,500-yard mini swimming workout too:

500 yards free
400 yards IM kick
200 yards free
400 yards IM

I will be swimming tomorrow, so I tried to keep today's training light. Although, I must admit, I hadn't realized how tired my body actually gets when I run. I took the four miles fairly fast today and then headed straight for the pool.

Only 100 yards into the swim, my arms were heavy and I struggled to get past that threshold. In fact, I don't even know that I ever did get past it! Lap after lap, I just kind of struggled.

My training schedule has been consistent for several months, so the idea that I've fallen out of shape isn't right (knock on wood).

A small part of me was a little glad my arms were tired: perhaps I just used them sufficiently during the run, that I had learned to use them effectively, that my stride had improved and I had become that much better in the course of just a few days. Or I needed to stop running like Phoebe Buffay.

Either that or my body was just a sea of lactic acid. (That's just my excuse. I watched an ESPN feature during the 2004 Summer Olympics that mentioned Michael Phelps' abnormally low levels of lactic acid, and now I'm jealous. You can learn, however, why "Lactic Acid May Not Cause Muscle Fatigue" from a report on NPR.)

When I swim tomorrow (I'll rest for the remainder of today), I'll figure out whether it was the running or something far more sinister.

What's up next? Back to the stroke and stride clinic with Part II.


Jeff said...

Oh my. I never saw that particular episode of "Friends" before. Incredible.

Good thing you don't run like Phoebe. Not at all. Really. No...I mean it. Scout's honor...

p.s. Another 30 miles for January? BRING IT, Gina.

: )

bluetri said...

I love that episode. Every once in a while my wife and I bust out doing that in the middle of our workouts when we get bored.