Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Then there was my day of rest. And rest I did. No weights, no running, no crunches, no swimming. Although I did log into my Nike+ account to synch up my recent runs and complete my resolution for the month of January.

I also contributed my 30 miles to the Nike+ celebrity challenges (my miles went to LeBron over Maria and Brutus over that damned Gator). On both accounts I was on the losing side.

For those who asked about my rewarding desserts: I had my Russian tea biscuit; a chocolate island with fudge and vanilla bean anglaise; and various crepes filled with strawberries and bananas, bananas and Nutella, and fresh apricots and raspberry preserves. Not all at the same time. But not too far apart either.

What kind of bike do you ride for a triathlon?

Since I'm still new and casual, I have a red Trek 7300 named LeBron (in honor of a fellow Trek 7300 rider). A friend from school, however, has offered a Nishiki racing bike for my use. I'm completely unfamiliar with my bicycling needs (when I bought my Trek, I walked into Eddy's Bike Shop and said, "I need a bike — a nice bike — that I can ride for fun and use for triathlon training. What do you recommend? Oh, and please don't rip me off.")

Once I check out the Nishiki, I think I will have a better idea about bike differences, but for now I'm relying on Internet resources, like this article from Triathlete Stuff: "What Type of Bike for a Beginner?"

There was a really great article out there somewhere about going to your local bike store and riding the most expensive bike to get a feel for the best equipment (and then returning on a day that salesperson was not working to buy a cheaper bike), but I can't find it. I'll let you know when I do.

Tomorrow is another day off of work, so I will likely try to run and swim. I'll also have to establish my next goal so I can begin working toward it. I should probably start thinking about doing some bicycle training as well.