Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Getting from Here to There

Yesterday was a little jam-packed, so posting about the 4.5 miles I ran was difficult. The run, however, was not. I went back inside to the track at the rec. center, where I tried to use my Nike+iPod to measure my distance... to no avail. After 38 minutes, it read back that I had run 1.05 miles. My heart sank. I tested the chip for a lap, which it read accurately, but I didn't pay attention after that.

Russian tea biscuits from Lucy's Sweet Surrender
Running for the biscuits.

I'll have to look into this problem because it was great to just run without having to count my laps. If I just focus on my stride and "running for just one more song," I can just keep going and going.... and going. And now I just have to go 16 miles until I tear into the Russian tea biscuits waiting in the freezer. Yum!

And now for a moment of inspiration: I've included a photo of the best Russian tea biscuits in the tri-state area (if not the world): biscuits from Lucy's Sweet Surrender in Shaker Heights. I'm eager to find out if the cakes in my freezer pass muster. It looks like I'll have to keep running to find out. Ahh, indulgence. How I'm looking forward to it.

I took today off, knowing I would be up late last night for the BCS Championship. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out the way we had hoped. It was a great season, nevertheless. And the Buckeyes are still number one in the GCS poll. The day off, however, gives me more time to swim. So, I'm to use my time off wisely in the pool.