Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fast Times at Kent State's Pool

Just returned from dinner: I survived the dessert course despite all of the dulce du leche, "chocolate islands" and vanilla anglaise floating around the table.

Michael Phelps swims fly.
I wish I had a seven-foot wingspan.
And I was almost as victorious in the pool with a simple 2,200-yard workout, which included my longest single swim all season:

1,200 yards free
400 yards IM kick
600 yards IM

Although I had a little less time than usual, I was able to squeeze in a good number of yards. I would like to extend the distances of my long-yardage swims. While I don't have a physical problem with endurance, I certainly have a mental one. In the same way that I need distraction in running, I need something to occupy my mind in the pool as well. It's just not as easy.

Perhaps I sound a little impatient or attention-deficient, but I'm really just my worst enemy when it comes to physical activity. And the less I can psych myself out, the better. The difficult thing is that Nike/Apple just hasn't made an underwater MP3 player that counts your laps too.