Tuesday, January 23, 2007

And When You Think It's All Over... 18 Miles to Go!

Don't you love that feeling when work finally gives you your life back?

Granted, it's nothing permanent (it never is) and the stress will come back eventually (it always does), but I like the relief that comes with finishing a major project and moving on. It's like the last day of school!

And once I finished my major project, I headed straight for the pool! While I've been a little drained (part because of bad sleep, some parts stress and part because of guilt over not running yesterday), I managed to get in 2,200 yards:

500 yards free
500 yards free

Modified 1,100 yard IM in reverse {

350 yards free
250 yards breastroke
250 yards backstroke
250 yards fly


100 yards free

If you're looking for endurance building (a.k.a. pain) and shoulder strengthening in the pool, try swimming 100-200 yards butterfly AT THE END of your workout. I'm a little biased (as a butterflier) but try it: your shoulders will vouch for me. Plus, the next time you swim freestyle, it will be cake!

Tomorrow is another early-morning run day, and I'm hoping for greater success and motivation than last week. At least it's inside. But I still have 18 miles to go and only seven or eight days to do it (I hate waiting until the last minute to finish things)!